WORKSHOP SERIES: “Practical Translation Workshops” with Deborah Smith

WORKSHOP SERIES: “Practical Translation Workshops” with Deborah Smith

Practical Translation will consist of a series of weekly group workshops, in which participants will prepare a translation (around two pages of prose, or two poems) which they will circulate among the group before the workshop.

For the initial week paricipants will also prepare brief notes giving background to the author and text, mentioning anything distinctive about the style, source language, historical or cultural context, that they feel would make it easier for readers (workshop leader and other participants) to make informed comments.

Deborah Smith was born in 1987 in a small town in South Yorkshire, England. She began learning Korean in 2010, and became a literary translator specialising in contemporary Korean fiction. Her translations include three books by Han Kang – The Vegetarian, Human Acts and The White Book – and four by Bae Suah, most recently Untold Night and Day. 

This workshop is organised by ACWP in collaboration with the Singapore Book Council.

Event Info

13 March 2022, 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Singapore Book Council
90 Goodman Road, S439053


$260 / $100

No partial sessions accepted. Limited places available.
Registration closes: 23 February 2022, 11:59 PM.