Book Launch: The Legend of Mazu

Book Launch: The Legend of Mazu

Join a book discussion of The Legend of Mazu 妈祖的传说 in Chinese with the artist of the stunning illustrations, Koh Chin Tong!

亚太图书将正式发布《妈祖的传说》,同时也会与艺术家及作家 Koh Chin Tong 一亚太图书张凌颖起讨论中华神话、传说、及艺术的密切关系!

You are invited to join the book launch of The Legend of Mazu, where author-illustrator Koh Chin Tong will share his artworks and discuss the complex relationships between Chinese myths, legends, and art. The story of a beloved goddess and protector of the seas who began her life as a mortal girl in the coastal town of Meizhou is brought to life in this comic book style adaptation. Be mesmerised by her mythology and gain new insight into the culture of overseas Chinese.

The session will feature author and illustrator, Koh Chin Tong and will be facilitated by Chong Lingying.

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Language: Chinese / English

Event Info

16 Sep 2021, 8:00pm – 9:00pm


– Koh Chin Tong (Speaker and Artist)
– Chong Lingying (Publisher)

Singapore Book Publishers Association (SBPA)