Book Sharing: Lele & Jiajia – 伴我阅读

Book Sharing: Lele & Jiajia – 伴我阅读

Learn while exploring! Come join Jsim Education as they follow the many adventures of Lele and Jiajia through Singapore.

让我们和乐乐与佳佳一起去发现,也学习 新鲜的事物。故事后面还附上了好玩、有趣又可以认字的活动!

Timmy & Tammy series in Chinese! These easy-to-read books are great for helping kids to match spoken words with print and for building up confidence in reading. Follow Timmy & Tammy’s adventures to popular local attractions such as the Botanic Gardens, River Safari, the Fire Station, and many more.

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Language: Chinese

Event Info

17 Sep 2021, 8:00pm – 9:00pm


Kelly Loh (Facilitator)

Singapore Book Publishers Association (SBPA)