Book Sharing: On A Journey with You

Book Sharing: On A Journey with You

Get a glimpse into travel literature with DK, one of the authors of 一起去旅行: On A Journey with You and facilitator Kelly Loh.

A unique book co-authored by two travellers 林道锦 & 林真云 it provides two perspectives of the individuals on the same journey. While the cover was one from the starry skies of Morroco, the book includes a compilation of other travels by the duo since 2010.

《一起旅行》于今年1月15日正式出版,新书以 “爱” 为主题,收录了五十篇道锦和真云在异国一起旅时和各自旅行时遇到让他们感动的故事,以及长期结伴背包旅行如何考验及巩固二人友情的过程。

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Language: Chinese

Event Info

19 Sep 2021, 4:30pm – 5:30pm


Kelly Loh (Facilitator)

Singapore Book Publishers Association (SBPA)