Book Sharing: Story Chopsticks 故事筷子 / Laimai 来买网

Book Sharing: Story Chopsticks 故事筷子 / Laimai 来买网

Our featured publisher today is Laimai, and they will be sharing 3 interesting storybooks.

Catch this sharing of three books part of Story Chopsticks 故事筷子 by one of our publishers, Laimai 来买网.

Veil and Moon Cradle is a story about two kids 弯弯 and 圆圆 climbing up to the moon. In Childhood Rhapsody, learn story creation techniques, gain entrepreneurial skills, and master the Chinese language. Tickle School is about 圆圆 learning how to tickle her doggy, 皮皮 drawn by a little girl.

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Language: Chinese

Event Info

13 Sep 2021, 8:00pm – 9:00pm


– Frances (Facilitator)
– Sun YuanXin (Author)
– Wei YunZhi (Author)

Singapore Book Publishers Association (SBPA)