Parenting Talk: A Mother’s Memories: Caring for the Child’s Social and Emotional Health

Parenting Talk: A Mother’s Memories: Caring for the Child’s Social and Emotional Health

Find out how you can better care for your child’s emotional and mental health via this talk by Dr Denise Lai Chua, author of Preschool in the Wilderness.

Multiple research studies have shown that a mother’s reminiscing of past events can have a significant effect on the child’s social and emotional wellbeing, especially where this relates to the child’s developing sense of self and identity. However, these studies have also demonstrated that there are qualitative differences (including cultural differences) that can influence outcomes. For instance, what is remembered (positive or negative, facts or emotions) and how it is remembered (elaborated or repeated, for didactic or other purposes) can affect the child’s emerging capacity to regulate his or her emotions and make meaning out of challenging circumstances.

In this webinar, Dr Denise Lai Chua will share snippets from empirical studies on how mutual acts of remembering, retelling, and sense-making can help nurture a happier and healthier child. At the same time, she will recount how writing the autoethnography, Preschool in the Wilderness was her attempt at connecting fragments of her personal past into a coherent narrative for her own wholeness, and by extension, her children’s.

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30 Nov 2021, 7:00pm – 8:00pm


Dr Denise Lai Chua, Author of Preschool in the Wilderness

Dr Denise Lai Chua was, between 1997 and 2018, the founder and Managing Director of the Wee Care Group Singapore, a company that provided both early childhood and early intervention programmes, including preschool inclusion, for children with additional learning needs.

An experienced and highly-skilled early childhood practitioner and leader, Denise now spends her time writing, consulting, and training parents, early childhood educators, and special needs’ educators around Asia through the Centre for Applied Practice in Education (CAPE) in Hong Kong. She is a Doctor in Education, an International Behaviour Analyst (IBA)™, and a Birkman Certified Professional (BCP). Her areas of research interest include social justice, power and politics in education, child and language development, Applied Be

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