Parenting Talk: Smart Parenting: Talking to Kids About Money

Parenting Talk: Smart Parenting: Talking to Kids About Money

Teach your children to be money smart via this talk by Mr Ernest Tan, author of Raising Financially Savvy Kids.

Nowadays, the media, friends, and consumer-driven advertisements are out to lure our children into overspending, under-saving, and unrealistic expectations. It is important to impart financial literacy to children before the media does!

As parents, it is critical to cultivate good money habits and attitudes at young age so that your children wouldn’t have to undergo painful money transformation to get rid of the unsupportive money habits, attitudes and beliefs in their adulthood. It is never too early to start and children need to learn about money management before it’s too late.

If you are concerned about their future and yours, join this fun, engaging and entertaining webinar. You will discover the 3 practical tips to teach your kids how to manage their money in fun, entertaining, the most prudent way.
– When is the best age to start teaching my child?
– What should my goals be?
– Where to get the best techniques and tools?
– What are other parents doing?

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1 Dec 2021, 7:00pm – 8:00pm


Mr Ernest Tan

Ernest Tan has over 26 years of experience as a Certified Financial Planner, Master Money Coach, Lead Money Trainer & Facilitator. He is an Author of Raising Financially Savvy Kids and Architect of Money Junior Board Game. His powerful, easy-to-use, engaging & fun financial curriculums have made it easier for people to acquire new financial and wealth habits, attitudes to achieve their dreams faster regardless of their current financial situation. He has been featured on Channel News Asia, The Sunday Times, 938LIVE, Capital 958FM and LiteFM.

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