Storytelling: BAM! & Budi by Pustaka Nasional

Storytelling: BAM! & Budi by Pustaka Nasional

Today’s featured publisher is Pustaka Nasional featuring two books in Tamil, BAM! & Budi.

In BAM!, Farhan is playing in his room when he suddenly he hears a loud noise outside his room! Who or what is making that noise? In Budi, we have Budi who enjoys helping his family. But when he is the one who needs help, who will come to his rescue?

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Language: Malay

Event Info

14 Sep 2021, 8:00pm – 9:00pm


– Adinursuryani Binte Md Rashid & Noor Sahida Binte Johari (Author of BAM!)
– Musfirah Binte Mohamed & Muhammad ‘Ammar Bin Abdul Aziz (Authors of Budi)

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