Pesta Buku Melayu Singapura 2020 (Singapore Malay Book Fair 2020) | #BuySingLit

Pesta Buku Melayu Singapura 2020 (Singapore Malay Book Fair 2020)

Pesta Buku Melayu Singapore 2020 (PBMS2020) kembali tahun ini dan mempamerkan penulis Melayu tempatan. Dikomisyen oleh #BuySingLit, pelbagai acara akan berlangsung pada 13 to 20 September dan disiarkan melalui halaman Facebook PBMS2020 dan Wisma Geylang Serai. Pelbagai program akan disajikan sesuai dengan tema Meraikan Karya Melayu Singapura serta bertujuan untuk mencetus minat kepada sastera Melayu Singapura serta pengkarya dan penerbitnya.

The Singapore Malay Book Fair 2020 returns this year, showcasing our very own Malay writers. Commissioned by #BuySingLit, various programmes as well as activities will be held from 13 to 20 September and streamed on PBMS2020 and Wisma Geylang Serai facebook pages. The planned programmes follow the theme of Celebrating Malay Literature and aims to spark interest in Malay SingLit as well as its creators and publishers.

Date & Time
13-20 Sep, various timings

Watch on PBMS2020 and Wisma Geylang Serai facebook pages


Programme Schedule

Sunday, 13 September
8.30pm - 9.30pm: Opening Event and Book Launch.
Guest of Honour: A/P Dr Muhammad Faishal bin Ibrahim, Minister of State for Health and National Development, and Member of Parliament for Nee Soon GRC.
Watch the Live Streaming via FB: PBMS2020Sujimy Official and WGS

Monday, 14 September
11am - 11.15am: Publishers Present: Ungu Pen (Part 1)
3pm - 3.15pm: Publishers Present: Ungu Pen (Part 2)
8.30pm - 9pm: Sing and Read with Grandpa and Grandma

Tuesday, 15 September
11am - 11.15am: Publishers Present: Pustaka Nasional (Part 1)
3pm - 3.15pm: Publishers Present: Pustaka Nasional (Part 2)
8.30pm - 9pm*: Storytelling session: Telur Emas Permaisuri (with paper craft activity)

Wednesday, 16 September 
11am - 11.15am: Publishers Present: Unggun Creative (Part 1)
3pm - 3.15pm: Publishers Present: Unggun Creative (Part 2)
8.30pm - 9.30pm: Book Clinic: The Book Publishing Process

Thursday, 17 September
11am - 11.15am: Publishers Present: Persama & Caliph Readers (Part 1)
3pm - 3.15pm: Publishers Present: Persama & Caliph Readers (Part 2)
8.30pm - 9.30pm*: Storytelling session: Hari Ini Hari Apa? (with paper craft activity)

Friday, 18 September
11am - 11.30am: Storytelling Session & Silat Display
3pm - 3.15pm: Games Kampung Kids Play
8.30pm - 9pm: Storytelling with Balloons - Siapa Cepat Dia Dapat

Saturday, 19 September
11am - 12.30pm: The Search for the Voice of Feri – Final Round
2pm - 4pm: Kelab Membaca Ilham Pustaka
5pm - 6pm: Komik-kan Workshop
6.30pm - 7pm: Wayang Kulit Storytelling - Ah Cim!/Ah Choo!
8.30pm - 9.30pm: Kreatif Cerilukis

Sunday, 20 September
11am - 12pm: Workshop on Inculcating Interest in Reading.
2pm - 3pm: Discussing the Works of Peter Augustine Goh
3.30pm - 5pm: The Search for the Voice of Feri – Final Round
5.30pm - 7pm*: Sesi Bercerita — Apa Nama Kuih ini? With special appearance by Chef Roszalinah M Nor
8.30pm - 9pm: Hues of Musical Poetry
9pm - 10pm: Theatrical performance: Hulubalang Gagah

*Parents can purchase a special package comprising the book and paper craft sheet for $10.00 before the programme.

Book launches

  1. Oh, Kampungku! Kenangan Hidup di Potong Pasir by Josephine Chia

  2. Saya Seekor Beruang by Nur-El-Hudaa Jaffar

  3. Setangkai Anggerik Untuk Cikgu by Nazariah Nasir
  4. Siri Emosi Si Cilik by Oskarina
  5. Titik-titik Hitam by Patimah Jaludin

  6. Warna Sebuah Rahsia by Peter Augustine Goh

  7. Zac Rushd: Perjanjian Kedua 1819 by Hassan Ali 


Participating book vendors

Persama Enterprise
Persama Enterprise is a publisher and distributor of Malay books based in Singapore. Established in 1982 by Mr Haron Mahmood, it has been in operations for over 37 years distributing magazines and books of all genres to schools, various institutions and the National Library Board. It also distributes to Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia. It collaborates with Caliph Readers to publish assessment books, novels and short stories from local writers such as Peter Augustine Goh, Rahman Basron, Ismail Wardi, Abdul Manaf Mohd Yasir, Hirman Mohd Khamis, Ishak Latiff, Patimah Jaludin, Nazariah Nasir and Fadilah Abdul Malik.

Pustaka Islamiyah
Pustaka Islamiyah started as a bookshop in the early 1960s and began publishing Islamic books in Malay and Arabic in 1963. By the 1980s, Pustaka Nasional’s publishing range included children’s fiction, novels for general readership and textbooks for madrasahs. Among the authors are notable writers who contributed to the growth of the Malay literary and cultural scenes, as well as to the development of the Malay community’s socio-political awareness. Pustaka Nasional is also involved in translation and book distribution. Currently, Pustaka Nasional is focused on publishing children’s books with an Asian setting, that entertain, educate and spark further discovery, through multiple platforms (print books, ebooks and audiobooks). Pustaka Nasional is an advocate for Singapore Malay publications.

Unggun Creative
Unggun Creative was founded in September 2016 by Noridah Kamari and Farihan Bahron, award-winning writers and recipients of the Anugerah Harapan (Young Writer Award) from Singapore Malay Language Council. It started with a vision to publish high-quality Malay literary works from Singaporean writers. They believe that exemplary works of literature should have a good command of the language, embrace a forward-thinking philosophy and communicate its purpose succinctly. Unggun Creative has published 13 books to date and aim to market publications from other like-minded writers as well as on their e-commerce platform at They also conduct creative writing classes for students.

Ungu Pen
Established in January 2016, Ungu Pen is a content creator and knowledge disseminator. It is an independent publisher, an educational training provider and a bookseller, both online and at pop-up events. Its mission is to create, curate and deliver high-quality content relevant to the diverse and changing needs of its readers and knowledge-seekers. Ungu Pen is a strong advocate for quality local and regional publication, both in its content and design, and aims to inculcate the love and a culture of reading.

Organised by Malay Book Fair Committee