Sing Lit Sounds: A Silent Disco | #BuySingLit

Sing Lit Sounds: A Silent Disco

Don’t miss this complete auditory and textual experience that pays homage to three of Singapore's official languages, Malay, Chinese and Tamil. Explore primordial music tracks produced exclusively by musicians, .gif, Fauxe and Mantravine, that were commissioned by #BuySingLit. Join the jam-packed party filled with readings, an open-mic for all languages, an all-night disco and even AMAs (Ask-Me-Anything) with the musicians as they share the inspirations behind their tracks. It’s a full-on party experience right in the comfort of your home!

Date & Time
8 and 16 October, 7pm - 10.30pm

Free upon registration via Peatix. The first 60 people to register by 25 September will receive a $10 #BuySingLit e-book voucher.

Limited Edition Fun Pack: $8 (for one); $24 (for a pack of four)
Each group of 4 will be provided with their own private channel in Discord during the party.

Featured SingLit Extracts

Extracts from Chinese books

  1. 好我不是满分女生 by Xiao Han
    Publisher: Lingzi Media (2017)
  2. 下一首歌 by Jiu Jian
    Publisher: Lingzi Media (2013)
  3. 灭众神 by Andy Ang
    Publisher: Math Paper Press (2016)
  4. 青光 by Zhou Hao
    Publisher: Lingzi Media (2013)
  5. dakota by Wong Koi Tet
    Publisher: City Book Room (2018
  6. 书写文学 Vol 3 by Xi Ni Er
    Publisher: 新加坡书写文学协会 (2018)

Extracts from Malay Books

  1. Begitulah Kata-Kata [Bear These Words]
    Publisher: Singapore Marshall Cavendish Education (2013)
  2. Fifty on 50 by Mohamed Latiff Mohamed
    Publisher: National Arts Council (2009)
  3. Passages, Stories of Unspoken Journeys 
    Publisher: Ethos Books (2013)
  4. Singapoetry, An Anthology of Singapore Poems by Juffri Supa’at
    Publisher: National Library Board (2015)
  5. Singathology: 50 New Works by Celebrated Singapore Writers
    Publisher: National Arts Council and Marshall Cavendish (2015)
  6. Union: 15 Years of Drunken Boat, 50 Years of Writing from Singapore
    Publisher: Ethos Books and Drunken Boat (2015)

Extracts from Tamil Books

  1. தங்கக் கிளிகள் [Gold Birds] by J.M. Sali
    Publisher: Crimson Earth 2015
  2. வாழ்வு [Life] by Rama Kannabiran
    Publisher: Crimson Earth (2015)
  3. ஆறஞ்சு [Orange] by Azhagunila
    Publisher: Sikram Offset
  4. காற்றாய் கடந்தாய் by Sithuraj Ponraj
    Publisher: Aganazhigai Publications (2015)
  5. Singathology: 50 New Works by Celebrated Singapore Writers Vol. 1
    Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Editions (2015)
  6. The Commuting Reader (“Ticket Book Series”) - Tamil Edition
    Publisher: Marshall Cavendish International Asia (2017)

About the Artists

Known for their dark beats and haunting vocals, electronic duo .gif has graced stages all over the world with their gritty, immersive soundscapes. The band debuted in 2013 with the EP saudade, followed by their first LP, soma, in 2015. Come 2020, the pair has released their much-awaited followup, HAIL NOTHING.

In their writing, the pair often draw from literature, theatre and film. Their diverse practice and multidisciplinary collaborations have taken them from Sundance Film Festival in Utah to the Golden Melody Awards 金曲奖 in Taiwan; from writing their own genre-bending theatre production for the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival to setting up sound art installations in London.

Instagram: @dotgifdotgif | Facebook | Spotify

Listen to the commissioned track here.


Having spent the last 6 years of his life dedicating to his craft, Fauxe continuously strives to push the boundaries of his own musical endeavours. Pushing the format of “Freeform” music, his ideas stream from genres to feelings to colours and sounds. You will never know what to expect from him.

Fauxe leaves no sound unturned. It’s not that he does it all – it’sthat he does it all. The prodigiousness of his output – which can handily be called ‘music’ – is an emanation of the fact that he is not concerned with the flavour/tenor of the day but of how the abstractions history and future mingle, carouse, cavort and interrogate each other in the listener’s ear.

Instagram: @fauxe_91 | Facebook | Spotify

Listen to the commissioned track here. Watch the behind-the-scenes here.

Mantravine /ˈmæntrəvaɪn/ origin:Universal
A highly conscious and ever-evolving organism composed of interchangeable musical parts; electronic pangs and pings, poetry, mantra and healing song, banging brass-lines and sweet-stringed carnatic guitar. Its psychedelic sound has reached audiences at festivals like Luminate & Twisted Frequency (New Zealand), Atman (Sri Lanka), Phoenix (Hawaii), Gaggalacka (Germany), Nataraja (France), One Music Camp (Japan), F1, Neon Lights (Singapore) and many more. Mantravine continues to defy genre with a variety of techniques like looping, improvisation, audience participation and unexpected combinations of style and frequency. It continues to create new definitions for itself as it grows in further cosmic directions.

Instagram: @mantravine | Facebook | Spotify

Listen to the commissioned track here. Watch the behind-the-scenes here.

Organised by Sing Lit Station

Sing Lit Station is a Singaporean literary charity whose core mission is to grow the local literary community. Through initiatives such as SingPoWriMo, Manuscript Bootcamp and a school-based programme, Book A Writer, it is also a platform where readers and writers can meet.